“Listening to the Uptown Downtown CD, I find Uggams' act just as dazzling as it was at Lincoln Center. Twenty-one tracks there are, many of which are so good that it is foolhardy to pick out a few. But let me mention that opening, which combines ‘Boat to New York’ with ‘New York, New York;’ ‘Them There Eyes,’ an old standard that sounds better than I ever heard it; ‘My Own Morning,’ with which Leslie opened Hallelujah, Baby! 44 years ago, and in which the undiminished optimism of 1968 has been burnished into a weathered perseverance; a wonderful set of impressionistic homages to her mentors on the bill at the Apollo, Louis Armstrong (Up a Lazy River), Ella Fitzgerald (A Tisket, A Tasket) and Dinah Washington (I Wanna Be Around); a lovely ‘Up on the Roof’ to solo guitar (Steve Bargonetti); and a dashing ‘Hello, Young Lovers’ accompanied solely by drummer Buddy Williams, which I don't expect is something that Mr. Rodgers ever anticipated but comes off swell. And that only takes us through the first 10 tracks. Uggams is terrific, and her band swings. Should Uptown Downtown turn up in your town, don't hesitate.” –

“How wonderful to have an album of all the terrific music associated with Miss Uggams, whose miraculous vocal instrument and style translate so evocatively and brilliantly to record. On ‘Summertime’ Uggams truly does smolder, and no other singer does with Jerry Herman’s ‘If He Walked into My Life’ what Uggams uncannily manages to do. What a sensational collection! Every tune explodes with Uggams' characteristic depth, soul and sheer joy for singing. Uptown Downtown makes a glorious CD.” –

"This is some of her best work on record ever. This mature sum-up recital best answers the question that was the title of one of her old records: What's an Uggams? She was then and is now an eager-to-please, old-school entertainer who can turn on a dime from a deep, rich, thoughtful performance to a belt or croon with a vibrato that can be velvety or thrillingly powerful. Her version of the (Lena) Horne trademark song (Stormy Weather) is an all-stops-out performance that honors the predecessor and impresses. But it's ‘My Own Morning’ from Hallelujah, Baby! that is most riveting for me. It's spine-tinglingly fully owned and powerfully palpable. It's just one of numerous sterling arrangements/orchestrations by the pianist/conductor, the masterful and elegant Don Rebic. Leslie Uggams shines, as does this document to her legacy and love of music.” – Talkin’ Broadway

“Uggams is toasting her decades-long career with this genuinely satisfying album. Listen to her sing ‘A TIsket, A Tasket’ (which she performed at the Apollo as a child); it sounds like she's maybe just a precocious ’tween. The disc also includes a marvelous rendering of ‘My Own Morning’ (reprised from her Tony Award-winning turn in Hallelujah, Baby!) and a superlatively moving take on ‘If He Walked into My Life,’ among its many treasures.” –

“24 songs deliciously performed in this show-stopping pivotal album. Leslie is at the top of her game here. With such unprecedented dynamics you just might believe that you were there when she recorded this smashing delight.” – In Tune International

“When Leslie Uggams came to Capital Repertory Theatre to perform her autobiographical cabaret act Uptown Downtown, music critic Michael Eck hailed the performance as ‘an old school showbiz treat.’ If you saw the Capital Rep show, you'll want this disc. If you didn't, here's your chance to get a glimpse of Uggams' vocal power. – Times Union