PIPE DREAM at NY City Center Encores!

“Ms. Uggams positively shines in the leading role of Fauna. She brings an easygoing soulfulness to Fauna’s songs that warms them up considerably, in fact practically reinvents them…Take, for instance, the gorgeous love song, ‘All at Once You Love Her.’ Reprised by Leslie Uggams, in marvelous voice as the local madam Fauna, it had me swooning with pleasure…Leading one of the most infectious songs, ‘Sweet Thursday,’ with a sunny charm that exemplifies the optimism that was a signature emotional note for Rodgers and Hammerstein, she radiates an earthy tenderness that casts a subtle glow throughout the evening.” – Christopher Isherwood, New York Times

“The musical’s centerpiece is actually Fauna, who first time around was played by opera star Helen Traubel. This, however, necessitated moving lower keys skyward to fit her Wagnerian soprano. The casting of Leslie Uggams allows the originals to be restored, and it makes a world of difference. Uggams’ Fauna is warmly maternal yet sensual, the center of attention whenever she’s onstage. The star’s singing is spectacular, whether expressing the jaunty optimism of ‘Sweet Thursday,’ the tongue-in-cheek irony of ‘The Happiest House on the Block,’ or the romantic simplicity of the show’s best song, ‘All at Once You Love Her.’ Uggams is particularly good on ‘Suzy Is a Good Thing,’ a scene-in-song in which Fauna tries to convince the battered young girl of her self-worth.” – Backstage

“Uggams, looking stunning in a procession of swank gowns from costume designer Toni-Leslie James, nails each of Fauna's numbers, imbuing them with both weary sagacity and sauciness.” –

“Uggams undertakes the role of the resident madam, written for Metropolitan Opera star Helen Traubel. The vocal demands have been adjusted and the results are a distinct improvement, with Uggams shining throughout the evening.” – Variety

 “Ageless Leslie Uggams is matchless as Fauna. She runs a bevy of women who are not labeled prostitutes but are clearly not a young ladies’ finishing school, either. No matter; she is admirable.” – John Simon, Eye on Theatre

“Uggams brings her brand of silvery, brassy verve to ‘Sweet Thursday’ and a stunningly muted ‘All at Once You Love Her’ reprise.” – David Finkle, Huffington Post

 “The dependably terrific Uggams brings a knowing wink to ‘The Happiest House on the Block,’ a number Fauna shares with her sassy working girls.” – New York Daily News

“Uggams sparkles with panache and humor.” –

“The kindly madam is played here with gutsy composure, and in the original keys, by the excellent Leslie Uggams.” – Newsday

“ ‘Smash’ star Will Chase and ‘Roots’ legend Leslie Uggams make the most of a forgotten musical.” –

“Mr. Wopat and Ms. Uggams are in great voice and simply devour their characters.” – Here She Is Boys

 “Spry and sensational.” – Vulture