Leslie Uggams is “tremendous and delivers a showstopping performance” in this timely new film

The new feature-length comedy Dotty & Soul had its world premiere at the San Diego International Film Festival October 21, 2022, and by all reports, it had audiences in stitches. Starring Leslie Uggams as Dotty and writer/director Adam Saunders as Ethan Cox, this humorous and heartfelt story of an unexpected friendship between an older black woman and a young, white, rich celebrity entrepreneur was the hit of the weekend.

In its film review raves, “To the surprise of no one, Deadpool's Leslie Uggams is tremendous as Dotty and delivers a showstopping performance. When Saunders is in a scene with her, Uggams makes him a better performer, which is beautiful to observe.”

The SDIFF website provides this story synopsis: Hot shot entrepreneur Ethan Cox appears poised to sell his self-driving car company and make his investors filthy rich. But when his problematic Halloween costume gets tweeted, the ensuing social media firestorm nearly ends Ethan’s career. Desperate to figure out a way forward, Ethan hatches a plan: he will hire a 71-year-old snack cart vendor, Dotty, to pose as his company’s figurehead, with Ethan still managing from behind the wings. But when Dotty decides no longer to play the straw man and starts expressing opinions of her own, everything changes. A throwback comedy reminiscent of TRADING PLACES, but firmly entrenched within the social media world of today, DOTTY & SOUL is a hilarious examination of authenticity, and how far any of us will go in our quest to become who we were always meant to be.

Stay tuned for news of upcoming release dates. View the official trailer here.

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