“Uggams delivers a fiercely committed performance…true to all the contradictions of this mother-of-all-stage-mothers…Her voice is strong, agile, and expressive…She delivered a rendition (of Rose’s Turn) that had the raw power of an open wound…There’s an unstoppable drive to Uggams’ Rose…This production of Gypsy belongs to Uggams.” – The Boston Globe

“Uggams brings her dramatic chops to key scenes, as well as charm, presence, warmth and wide-eyed madness to the role. (Her) lilting, honeyed voice brings exceptional warmth to the gentler songs. And ‘Rose’s Turn?’ There are great flashes of pain, fear and madness in this nervous-breakdown of a number.” – The Hartford Courant

"Uggams brings many new qualities to the role. Her 'Rose's Turn' is one of the most successful I've seen in suggesting a nervous breakdown - and I saw (Angela) Lansbury, Tyne Daly, Linda Lavin, Betty Buckley, Bernadette Peters and Patti LuPone. I wish there were a recording of Uggams doing it." – Peter Filichia, Masterworks Broadway

“Uggams is luminous in the role of Mama Rose, and vocally powerful. She plays the mother rather sympathetically. Behind the brutal control and the delusion, we sense a genuine love for her daughters.” –

“Uggams manages to transform completely into the quintessential stage mother, alternately ebullient and nasty. It is a nuanced performance. Her eyes, sometimes soft, sometimes steely, often manic, portray a woman that is possessed with an all-consuming theatrical desire. And when she sits, after learning that June has eloped, she delivers a touching monologue that makes me understand the character for the first time.” – Boston Events Insider

“Leslie Uggams takes the stage as the iconic uber-stage mother and proves without a doubt that she has seen the grit. She creates a quite believable Rose with crisp, dead-on body language, exquisite timing and stares and glares that would stop a charging bull in its tracks. Her performance – and the entire production – is a quite satisfying evening of theater.” – CT Theatre News and Reviews

“Uggams is a ball of energy and throws herself into the part…She conveys well the manipulative stage mother Mama Rose.” –

“Leslie Uggams brings presence, charisma and dignity to the stage as she embodies Rose. She truly knows how to put across a show tune. Her energy, savvy, and knowledge foster a rewarding performance. She is commanding and it is a treat to take this in.” – Talkin’ Broadway

“Miss Leslie Uggams envelops the role of Mama Rose and makes it her own as she steamrolls her two little girls into the star pattern born of her own dreams.” – The Balcony and Beyond

“From her first ‘Sing out, Louise’ to her thrilling rendition of ‘Rose’s Turn,’ Miss Uggams delivers a heartfelt and tenacious performance.” – From the Back Row